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The Loan Store (TLS) is a wholesale mortgage company laser-focused on offering our broker partners consistently competitive price, a streamlined loan process and service you can count on!

Price– The Loan Store is dedicated to maintaining top tier price regardless of rate environment. We pride ourselves on being your low-cost loan outlet. How do we maintain our price advantage? Keep reading.

Product- We are your 30 and 15 Year Fixed, conforming and high-balance lender. TLS doesn’t dabble in niche products, we target credit quality loans at scale, enabling us to maintain superior pricing in the marketplace.

Process– At TLS, we understand the pain points in the mortgage process. We have created an end-to-end broker portal that leverages technology automation, minimizing headaches and giving your loan processors the advantage.

People– Our staff of experienced mortgage experts provide complete transparency to our wholesale partners. We offer you direct communication to our operations and underwriting teams, so your questions get answered, period!

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