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Pricing Philosophy

Our philosophy is to always be a top-ranking lender on the wholesale pricing engines (LoanSifter, ReadyPrice, Arive, etc.). Partners of The Loan Store should not need to second guess whether we are in-or-out of the market, allowing our Brokers to provide better rates.

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Price with Confidence

The Loan Store provides daily pricing on Loansifter, Readyprice, ARIVE & Lenderprice making it as easy as possible for Wholesale Brokers to search and price loans with us.

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See what our partners are saying about The Loan Store

  • Chee Chee Hsu
    We have had a good experience with The Loan Store so far! Processing loans with them has been very smooth! We like that their underwriters are very nice, and that we can email them, and they email us back! The client service has been very good.
  • Charul Shah
    The Loan Store is awesome to work with. The process is so smooth from the application till fund the loan. There underwriter are too good. The Closing team is Awesome to work with, they have solutions of every issue. The best part you can pick a up the phone and call them.
  • Penny Peng
    I worked with The Loan Store quite a few cases and feel very impressed by the quick and friendly help.
  • Mike Pacheco
    The Loan Store has the best mix of pricing, service, speed, and communication of all of the lenders that my office works with. They care about their work, and deliver effectively for me and my clients. It is a pleasure to have such a reliable partner!
  • Zhen Zhang
    Good rate, nice people and super fast! Really enjoyed working with them. The whole process was very smooth, and the underwriters were knowledgeable and always responded to our questions promptly. Quick turnaround time, fast closes. Borrowers were very happy.
  • Daniel Wang
    Solid lender in all aspects. I reached the conclusion after multiple loans sent to them, both purchase and refinance. They are quick and responsive.
  • Michael Eskenazi
    Lindsey and The Loan Store team help us in a pinch for a purchase that needed to close quickly. They rush the transaction and they were aware of the buyers need to close quickly. We really appreciate their help.
  • Flora Bai
    Loan Store is very easy to work with. They offer very competitive rates and team are really responsive.
  • Rizwan Elahi
    I have been in mortgage business since 1991. Our experience with The Loan Store is great.
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