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James Parrish

I have worked with The Loan Store for a few years now. They are great, they always respond promptly and will go above and beyond to make sure the loan gets done when it should. Thank you!

Vijay Govindarajan

I have been working with The Loan store for the last few months and have closed 10 loans, their rates are competitive, their underwriting team is exceptional and the closers help get the loan on time. I recommend you trying out the loan store for your loans.

Jim Sever

We recently moved much of our production over to The Loan Store, and the experience has been delightfully positive. From our account rep to the underwriting, the doc prep, and funding, the people at this company have been, without exception, knowledgeable, personable, friendly, and professional. Finally, their biggest saving grace is in the face of addressing last-minute issues on purchases and funding, etc. They do not lose their cool, there's no blame game, and they just go into pure problem-solving mode. After working with countless mortgage companies, The Loan Store is clearly the best-run mortgage company I've ever worked with. Try them you will not be disappointed!

Jinnan Mansour

I love working with The Loan Store, they are fast, efficient, responsive and super friendly. Ryan B. is always willing to help at any hour or day literally! One of the hardest working people I have had the pleasure to work with. He is quick at getting time sensitive docs out and gives the extra push to fund on time or make the changes needed to get the loan back on track. This is the only lender that truly accommodates the brokers they work with. So many good hires there: Natalya, Lindsey, Laura, and Steven...just to name a few! Thank you for making this process seamless and less stressful.

Stephanie Green

Rolando was great to work with, he mad the transaction very smooth- seamless!!

Tom Yang

They do not only offer competitive rates, they have been always offering the best service as well from the president to each person in all of their department. I love this lender.

Kevin Bommarito

I have worked with The Loan Store on several purchases in the past couple of months and couldn't say enough about the availability, speed and precision they work with. As a broker timelines are important on purchase to ensure the home purchase is a positive experience. Their proactive work on my loans helped save one deal, and facilitate tight time lines on a couple of others. I would recommend for purchase business.

Christina Heaps

Very responsive and helpful team! Smooth closing which is always appreciated by all parties involved.

Yining Chen

The TLS is always my first choice when I do finance for my clients. Their underwriters and closers are always helpful, professional and quick in response. Their rate is also very competitive. Will definitely recommend to all my colleagues and clients.


Pleasure working with Ryan B., I can't thank Ryan and his support team enough for their incredible professionalism. Entire process very easy, smooth, and closing fast. He communicated everything we needed. Wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend Ryan B. and The Loan Store.

David Houston

I have been a mortgage broker for 22 years and The Loan Store is by far the best wholesale lender I have ever used! The entire company is great to work with, from department managers such as Ryan Barlow who has made closing effortless, and all the support staff to underwriters and closers and funders. Amazingly, you can speak to everyone in the company on the phone when needed regardless of their level and they always return your calls promptly. Many times they call me first to address any issues and to give you updates on your loans or important guideline changes and they are receptive to feedback from their customers on how to improve the whole lending process. Very refreshing to say the least.

Julia Li

The Loan Store is one of the lenders that I use the most. The staffs are very professional and knowledgeable. Turn time is super fast. The staffs are always there to help. They work extra hours to meet the deadline. I got updates on my loans on weekends, evenings and even holidays! I have a couple of files lately that need same day CD, Ryan B. helps to get them our on time, even on Friday evening. Big Thank You to The Loan Store team and Big Thank You to Ryan B.

Chee Chee Hsu

We have had a good experience with The Loan Store so far! Processing loans with them has been very smooth! We like that their underwriters are very nice, and that we can email them, and they email us back! The client service has been very good. We like their rates, and are looking forward to the day they can do 80% LTVs and CLTVs. Hopefully that will come soon!

Michael Eskenazi

Lindsey and The Loan Store team help us in a pinch for a purchase that needed to close quickly. They rush the transaction and they were aware of the buyers need to close quickly. We really appreciate their help. Thanks Lindsey!

Chandra Mullangi

Where do I start? There are so many good things about THE LOAN STORE (TLS). Underwriting: Pretty quick and effortless. Underwriters are like in your office across the aisle. Even multiple touches on the same day. Closing and Funding department: You have to speak to Ryan Barlow. Have you heard this "Whoever wants to become great among you must provide great service"? He is right on it. I have been working with many lenders but I haven't seen such a great service that Ryan provides. TLS always beats my expectations and always improves. KEEP up the good work Team.

Charul Shah

The Loan Store is awesome to work with. The process is so smooth from the application till fund the loan. There underwriter are too good. The Closing team is Awesome to work with, they have solutions of every issue. The best part you can pick a up the phone and call them. They always answer the call. It's Pleasant working with them. The whole team is great to work with. I just closed 1 Purchase in 21 days, that good they are.

Mike Pacheco

The Loan Store has the best mix of pricing, service, speed, and communication of all of the lenders that my office works with. They care about their work, and deliver effectively for me and my clients. It is a pleasure to have such a reliable partner!

Anya Garbawi

Great Company, good rates, also closing process is excellent. Would recommend to any Mortgage Company. I worked recently with Allyson Bills and she is the BEST! Thank you The Loan Store! Great job!

Zhen Zhang

Good rate, nice people and super fast! Really enjoyed working with them. The whole process was very smooth, and the underwriters were knowledgeable and always responded to our questions promptly. Quick turnaround time, fast closes. Borrowers were very happy.

Penny Peng

I worked with The Loan Store quite a few cases and feel very impressed by the quick and friendly help from UW like Sara Park and Danielle Edmonds. Especially Sara not just provided timely review, she also give guideline and direction to help our skill and boost interaction. Like to work with The Loan Store more in the future. Sara is also very accessible over the phone, that is very important. Really appreciate it.

Kristen Johnson

Awesome company! They make the loan process simple and efficient. Quick to respond to questions. Never yet closed late on one of our loans.

Daniel Wang

Solid lender in all aspects. I reached the conclusion after multiple loans sent to them, both purchase and refinance. They are quick and responsive.

Flora Bai

Loan Store is very easy to work with. They offer very competitive rates and team are really responsive. The only thing I don't like is their system is not as easy as another lender. But overall, I still give them 5 stars as having a good supporting team is the most important!

Rizwan Elahi

I have been in mortgage business since 1991. Our experience with the loan store is great. We feel welcomed , we feel that we are well taken care. This is so beautiful , wish the whole world was like this. Thank you team at the loan store.

Shilpa Padte

Working with The Loan Store was a good experience. Their dedicate team, quick responses, committed time lines makes the entire process very smooth. Great to work with such a dedicated underwriters who are very prompt and efficient. Their approval comes out in 24 hours in current busy situation. Just Amazing! Without saying full 5 stars goes to The Loan Store.

David Gramse

The Loan Store is fantastic. Very competitive rates. Good turn times allow you to give good service to your borrowers! The staff is responsive and helpful from beginning to end! Thanks Loan Store!

Brian DeFranco

As a broker, I've closed many loans with The Loan Store and they have been great to work with. Their process is very streamlined and simple! The Closing team provides excellent service. Their communication makes sure everyone is on the same page and makes closing loans easy!

Alex Ruggieri

The Loan Store is the IN-N-OUT Burger of the loan industry. Simple menu, great pricing and fabulous service. Who can ask for anything more!!

Chacko Varghese

I enjoy working with the Loan Store The Team Spirit is what makes them Stand Out.

Tarl Cabot

A really good company for brokers to use to look good to their clients. I have funded 4 loans with TLS in the last few months and have been very pleased with their underwriting and streamline funding process. On the down side, their web site is sub par. Quotes are only in BPC mode even when you select LPC, which resulted in a costly problem for me. I also really dislike uploading info to the site, as it is pretty wonky compared to the better sites out there. Fix the website and you're a 5 star lender.

Stacey Dickinson

Utilizing this company as Wholesale lender. The staff are very friendly and really try to be accommodating with many requests. The industry is saturated right now and even with the volume, The Loan Store manages to turn approvals out in about 24 hours!! Thats great service!

Ying Li

The staff are very responsive and very helpful. The turn around time is fast. I am looking forward to working with them again.

Grace Zhao

the loan store's staff is very professional and helpful, I closed more than 10 loans with them, so far so good.

Roger McDaniel

The Loan Store is my preferred lender partner. Best pricing, fast closings, and tremendous service.